Cold Hot Rolled Different Pattern Surfacement Aluminum Coil/Sheet
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Al Alloy 4047 Aluminum Coil_Strip_Sheet (1).jpg

Thickness:   0.2-600mm

Width:           20-2200mm

Length:         Under 6000mm normally or customized

Weight:         0.5-7.0 tons per pallet or customized

Temper:        various Temper (HO-H321)

Surface treatment:   mill finished and silvery aluminum plain color

Painting type:             PVDF (PPG) and PE(polyester)

Color Coating thickness:   Topside of coil :25um (PVDF), 16-25um (PE) Backside of coil:8-10um(PE)

Color code:                 Solid color as per RAL Code, wood color, marble color, or customized

1000     SERIES1050 1060 1070 1100 1235representative series aluminum plate is also known as pure aluminum, in the series in 1xxx series belongs to all the alumina quantity of a maximum number of series. Purity can achieve 99.00% above.Utensil, decoration, Reflecting plate,printing plate, heatproof plate, cookwareEasy to process and weld,  resistant to rust,high, conductibility of electricity and heat,low strength
3000     SERIES3xxx series aluminum represents 3003 3004,3005, 3 A21 primarily. And can be called in the 3xxx series aluminum antirust aluminum production process more outstanding. The 3xxx series aluminum plate is by manganese as the main component. Content at 1.0-1.5 between. Is a rust-proof function better series. Conventional application in the air conditioning, the refrigerator, such as car in damp environment Utensil(F/P, inside of rice cooker),aluminum can,material for interior and exterior of building,chemical equipment,Cellular Phone20% higher strength than  the 1100 series, easily welded and brazed,good antirust,ability Non-heat    treatable
5000     SERIES5xxx series representatives 5052 5005 5083,5754. The 5000 series aluminum alloy aluminum belong to the more commonly used series, the main elements for magnesium, with magnesium in the amount between 3-5%. And can be called aluminum magnesium alloy. Key features for low density, high tensile strength, elongation rate is high. In the same area under the weight of the magnesium alloy aluminum less than other series. Ship board heatproof apparatus,material for interior and exterior of building,Parts of Electronic tools.Automobile ComponentsExcellent corrosion resistance andweld ability together with Easy to process and weld and superior hardness &heatproofCan be anodized for increased corrosion resistance 
6000     SERIES6xxx series represents 6061 mainly contain magnesium and silicon of two elements, so focused on the 4000 series and the advantages of the 5000 series 6061 is a cold treatment aluminum forging products, apply to fight against corrosion, oxidizing demanding applications.IT equipment & facility, Mould material,motor material, automatic line,machine & plant etc Easy to process , good corrosion resistance, high toughness and processed without distortion after heat-treatable, superior surface treatment
7000     SERIES7000 aluminum alloy is another common alloy, wide variety. It contains zinc and magnesium. The best strength in the common aluminum alloy is 7075 alloy, but it can't be welded, and its corrosion resistance is rather poor, many manufacturing parts with CNC cutting   is 7075 alloy. The aerospace industry & High strength accessories7000 series is high tensile to process with special alloy


Chemical Composition % 
Alloy No.SiFeCuMnMgCrNiZnVTiZrAl


1) Long life, lower cost, but has high cost for recovery ;

2) High plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, acceptable for contact welding, gas welding;

3) Xinyu Non-ferrous Metal Ltd has a strict control of product and processing, composition to ensure the product performance reached the international advanced level;

The performance of PE color coated coil

1) Thickness≤0.5mm

ItemTest ItemStandardNational standardTest Result
1Color DifferenceECCA T3ΔE≤2.0ΔE≤1.5
2Gloss DifferenceECCA T2≤10≤5
3Coating ThicknessECCA T1Min 14µm≥16µm
4Pencil HardnessASTM D3363≥HBHB
5T-bendASTM D4145≤3T≤2T
6AdhesionASTM D3359Grade 0Grade 0
7ImpactASTM D2794≥≥
8Boiling water ResistanceGB/T177482h no change2h no change
9Solvent ResistanceASTM D2248200 times paint remaining200 times paint remaining
10Salt ResistanceASTM B117720 hrs≤grade 1720hrs≤grade 1
11Dirt ResistanceGB/T9780≤5%<5%
12Color retainingGB/T16259600hrs △E≤2.0△E≤2.0
13Gloss weaken Level600hrs ≤ grade 2600hrs ≤ grade 2
14Chalking600hrs No ChangeNo Change

2) The performance of PVDF color coated coil
ItemTest ItemStandardNational standardTest Result
1Color DifferenceECCA T3ΔE≤2.0ΔE≤1.5
2Gloss DifferenceECCA T2≤10≤5
3Coating ThicknessECCA T1Two layers Min 23μm≥25μm
Three layers Min 30μm≥34μm
4Pencil HardnessASTM D3363≥HBHB
5T-bendASTM D4145≤2T≤2T
6AdhesionASTM D3359Grade 0Grade 0
7ImpactASTM D2794≥≥
8Boiling water ResistanceGB/T177482h No change4h No change
9Solvent ResistanceASTM D2248200 times paints remaining500 times no break
10Acidity ResistanceASTM D13085%HCL 24hrs No changeNo change
11Alkali ResistanceASTM D13085%NaOH 24hrs No change color △E≤2.0No change
12Nitric acid ResistanceAAMA620△E≤5.0△E≤5.0
13Oil ResistanceASTM D130820#oil 24hrs No changeNo change
14Salt Spray ResistanceASTM B1174000hrs ≤Grade 1No change
15Abrasion resistanceASTM D968≥5L/μm≥5L/μm
16Dirt ResistanceGB/T9780≤5%<5%
17Color retainingGB/T162594000 hrs△E≤4.04000 hrs △E≤3.0
18Gloss weaken Level4000 hrs ≤ Grade 24000 hrs ≤ Grade 2
19Chalking4000 hrs No change4000 hrs  No change

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