With a floor space of more than 105,000 square meters, the company now has adopted 8 warehouses, 4 Flatting & Cutting Lines, 4 Surface Treatment Line, 2 sets of DK7725-7780 CNC Wire-cut Machine, 2 sets of Plasma Flame Cutting Machine, realizing an annual deliverability of more than 100,000 tons of stainless steel products. By introducing of international advanced Solid Phase and EUROTHERM control system, the factory could manufacture products in accordance with GB , ASTM, DIN as well as EN standards. In addition, to establish an ability of global support and service, the company now could carry on big projects of from customizing to after sales service.

Management Regulations On Warehousing Acceptance:

1.When entering warehouse, warehouse worker need to first confirm manufacturers, material grade, specifications, quantity, weight, unit price and other detailed information of storage products, completes the related records by warehouse worker.

2.All documents must be signed and confirmed by the warehouse supervisor.

3.Warehouse personnel must distinguish incoming products belong to inventory or contract products, at the same time, respectively, on the goods and inventory documents indicate clearly.

4.If the products stored in the warehouse belong to the company’s inventory, the warehouse supervisor shall arrange personnel to conduct acceptance inspection according to the quality acceptance standards formulated by the company.

5.If the product belongs to the customized part of the contract, it shall be inspected in strict accordance with the quality requirements of the corresponding contract.

6.All incoming products must be placed in the area to be inspected before being put into the finished product area.

7.The warehouse supervisor can arrange the delivery after receiving the valid shipping notice, and should confirm that all goods should be delivered after passing the inspection before they can be shipped out of the warehouse.

8.Warehouse supervisor to inform logistics personnel call car, arrange shipping goods to warehouse, can call logistics personnel to fill in shipping notice, indicating the weight, price, vehicle information, including phone and license plate number, together to the warehouse for the record.

9.Should arrange the car to the warehouse, warehouse personnel check the vehicle information, and then arrange a weighing, warehouse supervisor shall arrange the logistics personnel and warehouse member check weighing weight and record at the same time, after proofread to load, after loading to issue delivery List by warehouse outbound order.

10.The warehouse staff shall issue MTC(Milll Test Certificate) before delivery. The MTC shall be delivered to the customer by the driver. The warehouse should fax the MTC to the sales department after shipment.

11.The exit vehicle should submit the cargo manifest, and then the guard should check to permit through.